Policy Documents

Board and Strategic Policies

The following Board and Strategic Policies are available from the links below:

  1. Risk Management Policy & Strategy
  2. Stakeholders – Board Accountability Policy
  3. Schedule of Matters Reserved for the Board
  4. Company Secretary Responsibilities
  5. Division of Responsibilities between the Chair and CEO
  6. CEO Report to the Board
  7. Annual Report
  8. Strategic Plan
  9. Strategic Planning Guidelines
  10. Board Induction and Orientation
  11. Board Performance Framework
  12. Board Member Code of Conduct
  13. Conflicts of Interest/Loyalty Policy and Register of Directors’ Interests
  14. Complaints Policy & Register for the Board
  15. Media Policy
  16. Communications Strategy
  17. Sample Holding Statement

Operational Policies

The following policies are available from the links below while other policies may be available upon request.

  1. Access to Healthcare Services
  2. Admission, Transfer and Discharge
  3. Bullying Behaviour (Service User)
  4. Capacity and Consent of Service Users
  5. Clinical Practice
  6. Comments and Complaints
  7. Communication
  8. Policy and Procedure on Donations to the Services and Fundraising by and on behalf of the Services to be read with the Charities Regulator‘s Guidelines for Charitable Organisations on Fundraising from the Public
  9. Education, Training, Development, Work Placement and Employment
  10. Equal Opportunities – Service Users
  11. Fraud and Corruption
  12. Key-Working
  13. Medication Management
  14. Meetings Protocol
  15. Safeguarding Vulnerable Persons at Risk of Abuse
  16. Service User Voting
  17. Smoking
  18. Visitors to the Service
  19. Working with Regulatory Agencies
  20. Dignity at Work
  21. Trust in Care
  22. Records Management & Records Retention
  23. Information Governance, Confidentiality, Data Protection & Freedom of Information
  24. Accident & Incident Policy & Procedure
  25. Emergency Plan
  26. Risk Management & Risk Assessment Policy & Procedure