Carriglea Cáirde Services is a registered charity. Its registered charity number with the Charities Regulator is 20056650 and the Revenue Commissioners is CHY 16004. Carriglea Cáirde Services operates a Restricted Fund and a Designated Fund while another Designated Fund is operated with the Carriglea Cáirde Services’ Fundraising Committee.

The Board of Directors hold overall responsibility for the governance and operation of the Carriglea Cáirde Services’ Fundraising Committee and one director is a member of the Fundraising Committee. The Fundraising Committee operates a second hand clothes shop, Second Edition, in Mitchell Street, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford. The shop is run entirely on a voluntary basis by the volunteers. The Fundraising Committee also hold an annual church gate collection for which a Garda permit is obtained.

The Financial Accounts since 2016 report fundraising activities in line with the Charities SORP (FRS 102). Restricted Funds are spent in line with the intentions of the donors. Unrestricted Funds are treated as Designated Funds and spent in accordance with the general purpose of the funds. Designated Funds are earmarked for particular purposes including:

  1. Purchase of land and buildings.
  2. Purchase of fixtures, fittings and equipment.
  3. Purchase and adaption of motor vehicles.
  4. Provision of and financial assistance towards social and sporting activities, amenities and events for people who receive services from Carriglea Cáirde Services.

Further information is set out in the Policy & Procedure on Donations to the