Day Services

Day Services are provided to 172 people from nine different day service settings. In these settings a comprehensive programme of day activities and supports are provided which are in line with needs and wishes identified through individual person centred plans.

Day services based at Carriglea (campus):

In Activation, Sunrise House, Saoirse and Shepherds Wood Lodge day service locations a variety of life skills programmes, personal development training and relaxation therapies are available to those with high support requirements and those who are in retirement or semi-retirement. Participants attend activities for varying lengths of time, depending on their wishes and ability to participate.   Although the base for these day services is on Carriglea campus, activities take place in community settings as much as possible. Community based activities include:

  • Outings to restaurants, coffee shops, shopping trips, public library, garden centres.
  • Facilitating hairdresser/beautician appointments.
  • Celebrating service users’ birthdays with parties.
  • Individual trips of service users’ choice e.g. to open farms, to visit family members, the cinema, fashion shows, local festivals or any other event of their choice.
  • Community based dance classes, yoga classes, pottery/ceramics classes, horse-riding/horse grooming, and fishing.
  • Visiting senior citizens in the local hospital.
  • Fund-raising for the local Lions Club by carol singing in the Shopping Centre at Christmas.

In addition other initiatives include;

  • People currently participate in a ‘Knit & Natter’ group in Dungarvan.
  • People participate in an integrated project with the Cappoquin Active Early Retirement 3 or 4 times yearly.
  • People participate in Waterford Sports Partnership ‘Go for Life’ games programme for over 50’s. There are further plans to extend this to integrated walks and mainstream lawn bowls in Abbeyside.
  • People participate in a monthly integrated sports day run by Waterford Sports Partnership.
  • People participate in a weekly Active Older Ladies fitness class in the Park Hotel.
  • People attend Dungarvan Day Care Centre for senior citizens on a weekly basis.

In addition to integrated activities in the community, Carriglea Cáirde Services provides the following activities within its own services. This is important to meet the needs of those who find it difficult to travel or to avail of mainstream services.

  • Sports and recreation facilities include access the service’s recreation hall, swimming pool, multi-sensory room and waterbed relaxation facilities.
  • Exchange sports days with other service providers including Cope Foundation, Brothers of Charity, St. Raphael’s (Youghal) and St. John’s School.
  • Special Olympics including motor activity events for those with significant support needs.
  • Weekly drama classes which culminate with drama/concert performances twice yearly when family and friends are invited to attend and share in the fun.
  • Pet therapy/fun drums/ANAM sessions/Soundbeam therapy.
  • Cookery/healthy eating/Independent Living classes/money management.
  • Gardening/nature walks/flower arranging.
  • Art and crafts – participation in the competition for the cover of the NIDD annual report.
  • Visits to the on-site coffee shop and the onsite hairdressing salon.
  • Themed parties to celebrate events e.g. Halloween, Christmas, Easter.
  • Computer classes/Exercise classes.
  • Photography/photography exhibitions.
  • Pastoral care/ religious services/participation in the church choir.
  • Protection and Welfare training.

Increasingly, staff in day services support service users to attend clinics and medical out-patient appointments

A number of community based houses offer retirement options to residents who no longer wish to participate in a full day programme in day service locations outside of their home. These residents can participate in activities of their choice including any of the activities outlined above.


Day Service Locations

NameCampus BasedCommunity BasedNo. of Service UsersProfile of Service Users' Needs
Sunrise HouseY12High support
Shepherds Wood LodgeY39Medium support
SaoirseY8High / medium support
ActivationY21High support
Anne Le Roy CentreY36Medium / low support
Rehabilitative TrainingY12Medium / low support
GatewayY19Medium / low support
The HubY13Low support
HorticultureY7Low support
12 Geal Gua Retirement Day ServiceY5Medium support
Sports & RecreationYLow / medium / high support