Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are responsible for the overall governance and operation of the services. The directors act in a voluntary capacity and are non-executive. Directors are subject to compliance with the Board Member Code of Conduct.


Barry O'Brien (chairman)Eamonn Moore
Sr. Mary FitzgeraldSr. Rita Higginbotham
Sr. Miranda RichardsMarie Dennehy
Margaret BrowneDr. Elizabeth Walsh
Marie DuffyDr. Nan Ferrari
Thomas Horgan

Company Secretary

Vincent O’Flynn (chief executive)

Board Sub-Committees

The Board is supported in its work in the areas of strategy, governance, compliance and controls by a number of Sub-Committees. Membership of the Sub-Committees is made up of Board Members and members of the management team. Responsibility for oversight and review of a number of key areas has been delegated to the Sub-Committees. The Sub-Committee reports are considered by the Board of Directors at each meeting.

The following Sub-Committees are in operation and the terms of reference may be viewed by clicking on the name of the Sub-Committee: 

  1. Governance Sub-Committee
  2. Audit & Finance Sub-Committee
  3. Quality / Risk / Services Sub-Committee
  4. Remuneration Sub-Committee
  5. Nominations Sub-Committee
  6. Strategic Sub-Committee – Policy on Strategic Plan and Strategic Planning Guidelines